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AQA A Level Geography Grade Booster Workshops

  • Levels: AS, A Level
  • Exam boards: AQA

Our AQA A Level Geography Grade Booster workshops are designed to provide essential revision support to all AQA A Level Geography students as they complete their preparation for the two papers at the end of Year 13.

Who's it for: All students taking the new AQA A Level Geography exams in June 2018.
Price: £25 per student (+ VAT) ; teacher places free
Hosts: Andy Day, Dr Simon Oakes

About this event

The intensive Grade Booster workshop format is designed to:

  • Refine and sharpen key exam technique for the two AQA A Level Geography papers
  • Build confidence in the essential assessment skills
  • Provide a clear focus and structure for students on how to make the most effective use of their remaining revision time for the first AQA A Level Geography exams in June 2018

The AQA A Level Geography Grade Booster Workshop combines:

  • Four hours of intensive large-group tuition by our experienced A Level Geography presenter team
  • An enlarged workshop booklet containing all the session content, extension activities, guidance on exam-board specific exam technique and other essential revision materials designed for students at the end of their A Level Geography course.

Learning outcomes


Here's what the team will cover during the workshop sessions:

Session 1: All for one and one four all
This first session will look at the introductory element of each question that is allocated four marks . These will take the form of 4-mark knowledge-based questions in sections A and B of the papers and four 1-mark multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in sections C. We will look at how to approach MCQs, what to watch out for, and consider some different approaches to obtaining all four marks in the prose (written) responses.
Session 2: The Tardis question – 20 marker responses that look small on the outside but contain a huge amount.
In this session we will tackle the highest tariff questions on your exam papers, the 20 mark essays. Challenging in scope but to be answered in around 25-30 minutes suggested writing time, these questions require concise answers that show deep knowledge and understanding as well as the ability to apply information to various contexts, analyse and evaluate key concepts and come to considered conclusions. This session will guide you through what examiners will be looking for and how you can present your best insights in the most efficient manner.
Session 3: No-problem Niners!
The nine-mark questions are a feature of section C on your papers. This session will consider the different forms the 9-mark questions may take – those with stimulus material to be referred to, and those without – and de-code the mark scheme to ensure your are clear about what you need to address and how to allocate your time when answering these key questions.
Session 4: Six of the best
The after-lunch session will consider the 6-mark questions as well as summarising the top tips for your revision approaches and exam technique for the two papers you will be sitting in the summer. 6-mark questions also come in two forms and it is important to understand the questions commands in order to maximise your chances of a high mark. We will complete the session with an overview of the key tips and advice from the day.

Course package

Each student place costs just £25 (+VAT) for the day of tuition. This includes a comprehensive workshop resource booklet which also includes follow-up revision materials.

Your hosts

    Andy Day


    Andy recently finished being a classroom geographer after 35 years at two schools in East Yorkshire as head of geography, head of the humanities faculty and director of the humanities specialism. He has written extensively about teaching and geography - with articles in the TES, Geography GCSE Wideworld and Teaching Geography. Andy co-authored the Cambridge University Press AQA A Level Geography textbook for the new specification.

    Dr Simon Oakes

    Dr Simon Oakes has worked as a chief examiner, curriculum designer and Hodder textbook author across a range of geography and humanities qualifications, including GCSE, iGCSE, A-level, IB Diploma and university entrance tests.  An experienced school teacher and undergraduate lecturer, he is an Associate Editor of Geography Review magazine and a recipient of the Royal Geographical Society’s Ordnance Survey award for excellence in geography education. He has published widely with Pearson, Eduqas and the GA and is currently writing a key textbook for students and teachers preparing for the new A-level geography specifications. He has authored much of the material for the tutor2u resource pack on Global systems and global governance.

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