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A cautionary tale here for multinationals wanting to grow in international markets using external growth strategies.  Australian firm Wesfarmers have admitted they made a pretty disastrous decision to buy UK-based...

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Homebase - A Botched Takeover Highlights the Risks of External Growth Strategies

Multinational pet food giant Nestle has spotted an opportunity in India. Would it be barking mad to ignore the opportunity, or should it paws before making an investment in this...

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Can Nestle Succeed With a Market Development Strategy in the Indian Pet Food Market?

Where does the balance of bargaining power lie between a customer and a supplier?  That’s one of the key questions that underpins the announcement by multinational consumer goods giant...

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Facebook v Unilever: Porter's Five Forces & CSR in Action

The size of pay claim that Tesco's could face, if they are found guilty of gender discrimination, is massive, as employees would then have the right to reclaim underpaid wages...

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Tesco's pay claim - what makes different jobs 'equal'?
9th February 2018

Brand values

This map looks at the most valuable brand in each country in 2018. The list of the world's top 500 brands by value is dominated by U.S. brands like Google, Amazon,...

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Brand values

Here are 10 questions on the business news of the last 7 days. We take a half-term break next week - back in 14 days!

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The Biz Quiz - 8 February 2018

This BBC Business articleon the difficulties being faced by the UK restaurant market is full of topical examples of how the external environment can threaten seemingly well-established and successful businesses.

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A Challenging External Environment Puts Pressure on UK Restaurants

The concept of outsourcing has featured frequently in the business news recently following the failure of Carillion and the profits warning by Capita.

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Why Does the Public Sector Use Outsourcing?

This three-episode documentary series from the BBC looks like it will become a business teaching classic. Set your recording devices to catch it...

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Flatpack Empire - Behind the Scenes of Ikea

This article contains a fantastic graphic on how the iPhone is a great example of the process of globalisation, with components from a variety of companies with, surprisingly, some made...

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Who makes key parts of the iPhone?

Here is the latest edition of The Biz Quiz with 10 more questions on a typically busy week in the business news! Good luck!

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The Biz Quiz - 1 February 2018

Here is a useful little video with a classic example of a small business which has really taken off, and fears growing so fast that the founders cannot keep up...

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Super-fast growth, and the risk of over-trading

How often do you hear a CEO saying that 'our most important asset is our people'? If that is the case, then keeping those people in good health is critical...

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Employee benefits - grow-your-own healthcare

Knead a perfect soap case study for the business classroom? Today's breaking news fits the bill! Analyse two ways in which Roy's Rolls could respond to the increase in competition.

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Will Roy's Rolls come a cropper?

Fancy a cold pizza? That's what you might get from pizza outlets that use this new robotic delivery system - until that is they solve the numerous logistical challenges.

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Pizza Delivery Robots On the Way - Slowly...

A simply stunning video here that takes you behind the scenes of the Heinz factory in Wigan, Lancashire that makes around 3 million cans per day.

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Economics of Scale from Automation - The World's Largest Baked Bean Factory

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